About Infusions

Infusing Food & Drinks

 At Cannabis Dispensary New Jersey, Like many other herbs, cannabis is a food-friendly plant that is full of aromas, flavors, and nutrition.   

“Edibles” refers to all cannabis-infused food, including beverages.  THC infusions are psychoactive, which means they will make you feel high, while CBD infusions are intended to help you relax without feeling intoxicated.

The effectiveness of a cannabis drinks has everything to do with the chemistry involved in altering the cannabinoids to infuse with the liquid. Infused creams and milk contain milk fat and lemonades have pulp, which is needed to effectively bind the cannabinoids so that you get a hit with every sip. 

Cooking with cannabis includes the use of oils, butter, honey, cooking powder, salad dressing, and sauces. Specific techniques are used to ensure the infused foods turn out well after baking, mixing, and heating. 

Ingesting Cannabis

Ingesting cannabis is entirely different from other forms of consumption, like smoking or vaping. 

At Cannabis Dispensary New Jersey, Eating cannabis infused food may take 1-3 hours for the effects to be fully realized. The onset time is delayed because the THC must first pass through the stomach and then the liver, where it is metabolized. 

This process creates a more intense high than from smoking the herb. 

Drinking a THC infused beverage skips the digestive process, allowing the cannabinoid infused liquid to enter your bloodstream quicker.  You can expect to start feeling the effects within 10-15 minutes.  

Effects for both types of consumption are the same and can last anywhere from 3-6+ hours depending on the individual’s tolerance, experience, metabolism. weight, gender, and eating habits. 


10 mg of THC is the standard dose per serving. Anything below that is considered “low dose”, typically in the 1mg to 5mg range.  

A microdose is 1-2.5 mg of THC per dose (consumption).  At Cannabis Dispensary New Jersey, With a microdose, you are unlikely to have a psychoactive effect but you may experience relief of mild pain, stress, or anxiety. 

Wait around 2 hours to see the full effects before you begin stacking your doses (aka consuming more), depending on the effects you are looking to achieve.

 For beginners, we recommend no more than 5mg to start.  It’s best to play it safe!